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Message from the Cheif Executive

We are pleased to introduce ZAGY Group, more than just a company. It has evolved into a full service organization.

ZAGY Group provides a wide range of services including Travel, Hospitality, Property Brokerage, Development & Consultancy, Trading and Manufacturing.

Since our inception we have enjoyed steady growth and established the ZAGY brand in prominent sectors of the economy. Through the dedication and hard work of the ZAGY Team, we have created a Vision:

"To be our clients first point of contact"

From this solid base we have created partnerships which have enhanced our Clients' confidence in our ability to meet their demands.

Our team adheres to a simple set of core values which ensure that we achieve our vision:

• Trust through integrity in every transaction we carry out
• Promote diversity to encourage growth and innovation
• Confidentiality derived through personal responsibility

We are confident that our team will be well positioned to provide you with the solution you are looking for.


Sajjad P. Hemani

Chief Executive

The most exciting city on the Arabian Peninsula, considered to be the city of merchants and as the second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a city of wonders. Its strategic location makes it a bridge between East and West and therefore has become a melting pot of cultures with over 200 different nationalities being represented. A progressive governance, liberal policies, business-friendly regulations and a highly favorable customs framework, combined have played a key role in attracting investment from all over the world in practically every sphere of economic activity, With a GDP of over $230 billion and a growth of 12% CAGR in just four years, the Emirate has been growing by leaps and bounds. Its diverse economy, almost 94% of which stems from GDP non-oil products, has led to a per capita of approximately $50,000.

Dubai continues to look forward, by constantly developing new innovative projects that are aligned with its leaders' vision of making the country a destination of choice for businessmen and tourists from around the world. A significant player in the global economy, Dubai has been a pioneer in the growth of the United Arab Emirates,

Renowned for its hospitality this Arabian oasis has become one of the most significant international cities of the 21st century with its vast shopping malls, luring beaches and endless opportunities due to a boom in economic development, Dubai has become an outstanding host in the various international exhibitions and events which take place throughout the year, Whether it’s the Dubai Shopping Festival or the Gulf IT Expo (GITEX) Dubai has proven to be a very hospitable as well as successful city.

It’s the only city in the world where you can enjoy a desert safari, go skiing and sun bathe on the same day! With the Emirates Airline making Dubai its home and connecting to over 100 cities around the world, the volume of passengers visiting Dubai has skyrocketed and ultimately helped ignite the economy.

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